Sunday, 26 February 2017

Creating a New Reality - Part 1

It is time to go to the next step in the process. 

But, let me begin with a bit of summing up, so that you get the broader picture in this.

I have spent many years figuring what was going on, on this planet. And to some extent I feel that I have got the preliminaries; i.e. enough knowledge of how humanity works, on the inside so to speak, and out. Their longings, needs and how they are working. Humanity, program or not, is not an easy race to work with. That is an agreement for all that have been here, no matter on what level they have participated in the terraforming of this planet. 

I am human but I am also more than that, and that is what I will begin to work from, and not just from the human angle in me, trying to reach out as such and in that bond with you, on the in-program human level. I think, I have learned enough  to be able to truly say; "Well been there, done that, learned that and now its time to work from the level, we are to grow into". And in that present another level of what it means to be truly human on this planet. Not that I hold all the answers, I am learning how to be both, and so will you, when you discover that you are more than just in-program human too.

Systemic humans from other stellar systems (density 4-6) have come here in various rounds of evolution on this planet (called a world), participating in the evolution here, as well as the two programs, which have run here. There has been a lot of genetic experiments of races here too, and most of them have failed. The genetic experiments ran parallel with the second program, and quite a lot of the later incoming systemic humans forgot that the program existed.

This is my interpretation of things today. Nothing is new, but it is what I have learned directly:
In the fourth round, we had the halflings. Half human, half animal in all forms. That lasted for only 10.000 years before that was shut down, and only the ape-people continued the evolution here. The ape-people were chosen because of their genetic strength and ability to adjust to changes. The bird-people did not handle that well (too fragile for this world - Arcturians), nor did the bull-people (too heavy - Aldebaran) or the other constellations (Pleiades were in on the ape-humans with the Jovian Workstations - systemic humans from this universe - and so was the white-blue Sirian Bs and the white Sirian As) that were involved in this but outside the program. The genetics from these races stayed in the ape-people. Not as abilities, more like a genetic remnant or dormant possibility. The genetic remnants and imprints of the halflings have stayed in the program too, which is why we encounter them as the Thothians, the Ibises, the Minotaurians, the Felines and so forth in our inner work. 

However, only the ape-people continued the genetic experiment in the real world. The ape-human project was run by the brown Sirian Bs from "Venus" and they took over the second program and adjusted it to the evolution of the ape-humans, superseding the original participants of the second program. Most from the second program, were more of less implanted into the project as teachers to "evolve a new humanity in this world" using the Sirian B type of consciousness from the Venus Scheme (a scheme is a parallel universe).

The Planetary Hierarchy, "Sanat Kumara" (meaning the young boy, or the youngest in the group of terraformers in his system) brown Sirian Bs and his avian-human affiliates (5th to 6th density), coming here to learn to do the team-building and how to progress a world, pulled out early in the 1950`s leaving humanity to "the new teachers" as they called it, giving a vague speech about the new levels humanity were to enter, working together to generate the next avatar that would be a synthesis of the developed minds of humanity and thus not a savior, but humanity saving itself as the systemic forces from Shambala would bombard our planet and take it into the next density, making the devas of the etheric plane go amok in this due to the overexposure of cosmic energies and the "will aspect".  Humans were to learn to deal with the true levels of their genetics and the 7th ray of magic. 

In this, leaving us to the natural progression rate and the ape-human brotherhood, being controlled by their in-program masters from the fourth round, as their system was ready to move on and their experiment here had not pan out as expected. Its not easy to progress and terraform in a free-will universe and the Venusian Sirian Bs do not live in a free-will universe. They did a last intensive piece of work from the 1800 and until the WW2 but the ape-humans did as usual not respond well, stuck in their subconscious link-up to the second program and the distortions it had developed (astral energy). 

The Brown Sirian Bs (the Venusians) had tried to implant great ideas of how to unfold a fifth sub-race with all the right ideas creating the mental plane using the "manasic level" of our scheme. i.e. galactic entities from outside the program coming here as the manasic devas, which are rainbow colored reality field humans without form able to divide their energy system into smaller projection fields generating the causal body, linking this up to the brain and CNS. Since the ape-humans did not have the original operating vessel from the second program, the inserting of the projection field had to be done as a joint progression, or co-evolution, which is why the ape-humans suddenly were turned into host-bodies for other schemes as we know of from the books of Micheal Newton. 

But the Venusians did not really know how the program worked either (they did try to make it work their way with their teachings), and they did not revive all of the original operators either to help them in running the program. When they left, they had giving the keys to the program to the brotherhoods of other avian-mammal-human races on this planet, trusting them to unfold their programs, which only created more distortions (the new age emotional parasites). Well. They are gone now and have moved on. Leaving the mess to us.

The Zeta Alliances came here in the early 1950´s, teaming up with the military factions in USA (yes, they had been invited earlier by the Nazis and the connection was established from that, when the Nazis went to USA post-war) with their Zeta Main Frame 3 (the ZMF3), which they implanted into the fragile and dissolving second program, giving it a new interface system. This interface system was handed over to the military on this planet (Russia, USA, England, Germany etc) and in that gave as a condition, for the traded technology, that they would use the ZMF3 to create genetics to trade with, and to supply the Zetas and their own revival programs.

The genetics were to be developed in different simulations. First by modifying the breeders (altered dormant original templates from the first players of the second program - now sealed off) for the new in-program simulation players and later on using the hybridized children for this or the later genetically modified supersoldiers (also using the original templates from the second program but added with Orion technology, or technological enhanced genetics; a sort of AI organic entity controlling the brain and CNS), which also participated in simulations for the military - now eager to conquest the other systems and in that tried to upgrade the hybrids.

The Zetas only demanded genetics created through genetic manipulation and upgraded via quantum technology, lifting the genetics to be able to respond to the energies on the higher levels of the ZMF3. The ZMF3 is entirely holographic and the hybrid children and supersoldiers are put in the chair, linked up via the Zeta technology and drugged to be able to go "full in" and be absorbed emotionally, mentally and from that give the needed physical reaction that "grows" genetics. These are then traded to the Zeta Alliance for technology. The hybrid children were later on to become the new breeders for the Zetas, in the long term project for the planet making it a new colony for the Zeta Alliances, and in that the survival of humanity, now equipped with superhumans and technology to be "equals" in this.

Now, the military personnel does not really know what they are dealing with. They do not understand the genetic link up to the technology, which is why the children and the supersoldiers are modified genetically by messing around with the genetic template.

They do not know how the program works either. As a matter of fact they are as much victims in this as we are. But they are greedy victims, stupid victims telling themselves lies to justify their actions and in that, they are violating the natural rules of this universe.

Let us go a step further back to where I got acquainted with the ZMF3, before I shift back to this level of consciousness I am trying to unfold:

From the SETAH Australia Facebook Group:
The ZMF3 version for me (it holds different sub-programs fitting the genetics to be unfolded) iwas based upon real events because I remember being at the Jupiter Workstations, before entering program 2. I know there is nothing on Jupiter now, because if I look at Jupiter, it looks like a ruin the labs are long gone. Then I go into the ZMF3 and there I am, in form as a woman - like tunneling into her. But the "woman" pretending to be me, in the play out in my brain, is NOT me. That is so clear.

It follows the training programs of the English military projects. There is quite a lot of these blond-nordic looking Orion-Sirian B females in this one (having learned that we do not respond well to only seeing male aliens) and children etc. from the secret supersolider programs.

There is a genetic link up to the ZMF3 holographic woman, she is my avatar in that program, me being the real being here - so it is a mix now because the higher up you go in the old program, the better you get at discerning energy and they cannot just keep you in fairly land.

The ZMF3 does upgrade you, and restore the genetics, but you only get 10-15% and the Zetas harvest the rest, making them pretend not to be totally thieves and in that trying to twist the laws of the races in this universe. The harvesting happens through my Jupiter workstation woman, so when I work through her, in the ZMF3 playing the program by looking into it, they harvest from that. Thus, only this short version and then I detach from her.

The playouts of the ZMF3 (the addition to the real levels in this, i.e. the woman I am connected to and the supersoldier program) running beneath it, is that our solar system is attacked by the ZAACs or the Zeta Alliances and the human resistance movement, within the military, is positioned in secret bases on land and the main control center is on Jupiter. Mars is the combat zone in wars that could be taken right out of a computer game with squid aliens, dark entities and huge spiders. War crafts - the whole shebang.

The military on Earth is delivering and training the supersoldiers and at times they are shipped to Jupiter for schooling because the interactive programs are better there due to more alien tech possible in the 5th dimension. Mars, and the wars there, is on the 4th cf. the use of alien tech and weapons.

Wars are going on now for the take over of Earth, since Mars is the passage into our solar system (not the sun).

The ZMF3 is implemented through a metallic squid in the base of the head, linked to the pineal gland. Its totally mechanical and has to be pulled out and then destroyed under your feet. You clear out the tunnel effect to your ZMF3 avatar by finding the squid that works as the link and shift you from your consciousness to the avatar. It controls the brain function and inner sight and thus the visual cortex at the back of your head. Cleanse that out too.

When you remove it, a lot of black goo will come out too (seen with inner sight, because its in the 4D) as a sort of organic plasma residuals from the wrong use of the true genetics in the brain-field, this is level 5.

If your supersoldier avatar is working on level 3 or 4, then the organic implementation programs  will be working on the cellular (level 3) or heart area (level 4 - Mars wars).

Eventually, this organic and residual goo will lead to insanity (level 5), or death because the cells break down from it - a destiny for many supersoldiers, I think.

The Zeta Main Frame was fully taken over by the Orion-Sirian Bs in 2013 (they have been here since 1999) and reset it to the 2009 time frame, after the massive cry from humanity, yelled out in the aftermath the anticipation of a major shift that never came. What humanity did not know was that they had already participated in energetic harvesting of the Orion-Sirian Bs for some time, participating in the crystalline teaching systems. The Orion-Sirian Bs are the small android ones calling themselves Guardians, typically using the taller blond haired version of themselves to ease us, when we are taken to the military facilities implementing their teaching systems into humanity. 


We have been grateful for their assistance in our awakening process but now they have to go since they are not really helping us. And with them, the program they sponsor. And they are to give back all that they have taken, as a last honorable thing to do, as all of the other races have done.

In our investigations of how to restore humanity from the deeds that have been done to us, we have to rise our voice internally. Not as victims, by as equals demanding respect for our race. Naturally we cannot do that before we, ourselves, live an honorable life, taking responsibility for our own progression, the lives that exist in us, and the effects we have on the planet by our deeds, actions, emotions and thoughts.

We are to become honorable humans first before we can fully claim any respect from the other races here. Honor is a feature of the heart field and not by the mind. The true human mind can demand respect, because respect grows from being equals in knowledge and in the capacity to unfold this into honorable creations. This is one of the reasons for all the false information.

Not that we are victims in the loss of our honor and the respect from the races here – humanity gave their consent many times; by manipulation of course, by inserted programs of doom and death, making humans plea for help, and by the fact, that most humans – a long time ago – chose to forget, or was pushed to forget but never fought it and in that gave the silent consent.

If one person represents the highest point in the hierarchy of power, in the biggest country and with the most weapons, such as a colonel or a high ranked military person, or a group of high ranked people (the elite), this person, or these persons, are seen to have the right to talk on the behalf of humanity. And, if nobody rejects, then that is seen as a consent too. This is what has happened here

As we revive ourselves, resurrect in our fullness and right to exist, we are to stand up for our dignity. Remember the pride of our race and the advanced race, we used to be. Shit happens, but now we rise up and take the responsibility for ourselves and our progression. Thus: In all of your memories and inner work, you have to learn and discover how you are being manipulated to give your consent all the time. There is an underlying "do you accept" or "do you agree" all the time to the images, we get presented through the Zeta version of the program.

You are to answer that you do not agree. No matter how logical it seems and that your heart feel it is right. That is frequency manipulation. If you think this must be right, you are altered as well. So, if you by any chance do see the shown as reasonable, you say:

"Yes, I see the case here but that does not mean that I agree (agreeing is a binding contract of affiliation) and I do not accept (that is placing you below the suppressor). I demand more information regarding this or that, and I do not bind myself to any outcome since in your behavior you are not acting in an honorable way.

You are not respecting my free will in the way, you present the information and you are not following the Laws of Love. You do not play by the rules, we set up a long time ago for this program, for the progression of this race and for the progression of this planet. You are taking what is not yours, and that is not honorable. 

You are without respect. You are by all means and purposes violating the rules, the laws and the principles for this universe by what you are doing here. And in that, by your transgression, you will be tried by that. You will, by the rules, laws and principles of this universe, regress accordingly as I stand here resurrected shining back to you, what you used to be. And in that, you see what you have become. Dishonored and with no rights to claim my respect and in that I cannot collaborate with you unless you behave according to the rules, laws and principles for joint progression. I stand resurrected due to my honorable ways, my respectful ways of living and my attempts to revive myself, remembering who and what I am. 

I stand resurrected in my protection of this planet and my people. I stand resurrected in unity with all living creatures on this planet. In respect of their free will. And I respect your free will to regress. I will not oppose it since I know that the laws will take care of you, and your soul, in its own ways. For that I demand your respect. And in that I take away all forms of consent, you have manipulated out of me, in this current version of me, and in any other, here or there and beyond." 

And, then in your energy work, you stand in that dignity. As a representative for the human race and what we are to become. 

When you are "seeing things" in your energy work that is because the higher version of you is pulled to the facilities, where they work on you. If you get the buzz feeling, and the feeling of being upgraded or restored, this is what is happening. They do not have to use the paralyzed version any longer. 

The fact is that in this they use your genetics, harvest them, while you do your "inner viewing" and cleansing, working your way through all sorts of weird images and memories, typically stemming from your genetics in the template put there in the 1950´s when the Zetas - under the Nazis - began the initial mess with our template adding Pleiadian, Orion and Sirian B genetics to it. All of which are unnatural to the human race; because the form they used is not from this planet. It holds too high a degree of reptile mutation. 

As we work our way through this in energy work, progression as we do, they harvest at the same time, using these genetics to access your template. And this is why you need to be aware of the "consent" formula there is in all of the inner images, you get. Including on TV etc. Now since the original program was set up to do progression, the alterations by the Zetas only twisted this a bit, giving it a catch so to speak. And from that wrongful use, the inserted genetics in our template have begun to manifest as odd creatures. 

When genetics are taken, or inserted, without consent, they always begin to deteriorate because of the rules, laws and principles of this universe. 

And we need to stop that by NOT ACCEPTING THEIR HELP. 

Humanity has come so far now, that we can say no thank you. We do not need overseers or helpers. We just need to remember and from that take up the work ourselves. Demand that. LEAVE.

Now, we can go for part 2.