Sunday, 26 February 2017

Creating a New Reality - Part 2

Now, with the background in place, I will move on.

Why does the full disclosure not come?
That is a really good question because its not about altering the genetics, or do modification on them as in "something that is done by others". Its possible but any modification program - using the old main frame - controlling the human emotions and mental capacity is not following the free-will concept. On the contrary; it is a sort of remote monitoring and artificial adjustment process. 

However, I fully understand the incoming races that are now in the process of "helping us" to get humanity ready for the worlds outside our program, after trying to teach us about it in the 1980´s and 1990´s and not really getting anywhere, and for most of the other races here, they do not live in free-will universes as ours since it was an experiment. They do not really see any other way to help us than to control us. I do not agree with that.

Now, to be able to get back into the worlds outside the program, the ape-humans have to change their ways. The ape-humans were created as peaceful and collaborative. They are not these military hybrid hostile off-breeds using Sirian Bs infected genetics to control the brain function, or the Orion-reptile polluted Pleaidian genetics put into the heart field producing either hostility or emotional strength through painful experiences with the goal of a strong heart field resembling the original Pleaidian heart fields, capable of running a major craft by the heart field along.

Thus, the fact is that we have a bunch of upgraded superhumans and hybrids on our hands, with a lot of genetics that do not belong there, and because of it, are in the process of deteriorating as well as producing parasites, spiders and all sorts of 4D semi-organic lifeforms due to the wrongly used emotional and mental capacity. The parasites are taking over our templates, organic forms and are polluting our world energetically to such an extent that the planet itself, as a self-adjusting terraformed system to sustain life, register the low levels of energy and in that has begone its resetting process. 

The resetting process, not part of the program, but part of the construction our planet is, has happened many times before and it does involve changes of the surface back to the original architecture. This is good, because it will lift us into the 4th density. Its bad because humanity as a whole is not ready for that, yet. The hybrids, supersoldiers and activated original template in-program humans, are. But, how big a percentage do they cover of humanity?

We already see evidence of the broken down military supersoldiers in military personnel and police that are suddenly going amok. Most of the abandoned projects, among the younger generations, are today controlled by drugs and computer games, keeping them complacent.

That is one issue we have to face and find solutions for. We do not have enough healers in the world that can do this, because only if we learn to manage our emotions and thoughts as well as how to unfold the genetics in our template, can we control these parasites. Otherwise they will grow exponentially with the run-amok emotions and thoughts humanity have today. Jumping from the ape-human to ape-human, not having developed their two fields yet, and thus are totally out of touch with them, let able to control them. Humanity will be taken out by their own subconscious and underdeveloped minds before they even get the chance to see the other worlds.

However, there are issues with the military breed humans too, the hybrids and supersoldiers.

Its the mess with all what is hidden in the outer part of the mind-field and heart field (aura) of what they (we) have participated in, either in programs during night time or in programs unwilling imposed on e.g. selected children in England; although simulations and not real unfolded events, the imprints of the programs linger on in the mind and heart field, and the moment the program collapses these imprints will begin to permeate into the brain and the heart, creating a avalanche of memories and emotions of participation in these programs, thinking they are real events, having been done. 

You have already heard the accounts of other supersoldiers, released to prepare us, and imagine the cry of thousands and thousands of people all over the world, thinking and feeling they have been through the same atrocities? The psychological scope of this is out of control, although the military has tried to convey this to humanity, one thing is to hear others talk about it, on YouTube as "something that happened to them". A whole other matter is to realize that we have been through the very same things ourselves. We stand in front a massive wave of traumatized people, which have to learn to cope with a totally new world. In them and outside of them. All at once.

When we hear that "humanity is not ready to understand that there are aliens out there" this is the reason, for me at least. Its not the fact about the alien technology or the fact that there are life out there; that is just the small part of it (it probably was a big deal in the 1950´s because of the cold war and the religious narrow mindedness of the time). Its the full scope of the understanding of what has been done to us. The emotional understanding of the abuse, the use and the sell out from our own. The trade of our dignity. The manipulation.

No wonder the military keep up the frequency fence and control the brains of humanity. I do not agree with that, but I do see the implications, they are to face. We have to take that into account too.

That is another mess we have to take care of, and who are equipped to do so? The training of psychological teams all over the world has not pan out well because most of them are not ready to take this as a real thing, but see it in frames of understanding that are not correct and in that re-traumatize the very same clients, they are trying to assist.

To be frank, the modification programs can help in this, but the two fields have to cleared out no matter what, and I have done that. And for most, I simply do not think its possible for them to cope with what they are to see and experience there - both of past lives, participation in the programs as well as the being part of the ZMF3. I have seen so many things in my energy work, working on the two fields in humans as well as done the template readings. And gone trough all of my own layers too. So I know what I am talking about.

And with a humanity, now understanding what has been done to them, feeling it. How are we to be in a world of that? How can that be disclosed?