Sunday, 26 February 2017

Creating a New Reality - Part 3

Of course it does not take a rocket scientist to understand that the military, or factions of it, have shown me this information by temporary inserting the tech they have used in their supersoldiers in me. And by that I could experience first hand what has been going on.

And of course, that also raises the understanding how controlled we are, as a humanity. That they can enter our energy systems and bodies by the use of quantum tunneling during night time and that they can implant new technology from day to day.

Now, they are not going to do that in all humans. But, they will do what they have to. And in this, some of them are seeking to collaborate and find solutions to the mess we are in. For the majority of humanity.

Fortunately, I am not responsible for their actions and how they are going to solve this. I have talked with the ones that showed me this and the rules, laws and principles of our universe will judge them, as our world resets and gets out of the program. I have no need to judge them, because as such they did not know better. The Zetas did not inform them of the realities outside our world and how wrongful use of the genetics, of life principles, lead to regression and eventually decay as we see it in the Zetas. They might have created a new sub-race for themselves, but it is still based upon theft and manipulation and the genetics in their hybrids, in their own system, will break down eventually. And then the Zetas are gone, as most of the races that have used us for their benefit. Leaving us with a cold, dying universe some 50000 years from now.

However, we all, yes you too, have to see that if we do not learn to control our emotions and mental capacity, and in that use our life principles, i.e. genetics, correctly we, as a race will die out too. Which will happen around 25000 from now on, if we do not get solutions on the table asap.

The planet will reset fully some time late in this century and the humans that will survive it will take use of the alien technology, found in sub-terrain facilities as well as surfaced from the ocean. And they will become space explorers but in a solar system that is now empty.

The military is preparing for the slow effects of the resetting of the planet, which is happening already, as well as the break down of the program that is to unfold within the next 5 years in stages, lifting the world "out of the veil" from the old worlds first, and then ending in the western part of our planet, as the last part because this is the latest levels of the program.  

The first part begins today in South America. However, since that part is under the control of the Undoers (Sirian Bs from the future using crystalline genetic technology) the effects of this will be moderate. Then there is the lifting of the veil in the south to middle of Africa but this is prevented by the alien races (which I cannot see) that are already controlling Africa as well as the tribal leaders and their shamans, which have prepared for this for ages, using dark magic.

Upcoming 5 Annular Solar Eclipses is the program, the veil, going down.
DatesPath of the Eclipse
26. feb 2017
26. dec 2019
21. jun 2020
10. jun 2021
14. okt 2023
The military in Europe and Australia, step 2 and 3 are also prepared for it, with their frequency fences. And in Australia in particular with their shields and control of the gridwork.

Russia, China etc are also prepared with different forms of programs to control the shift into the 4th density, working with different factions from outside our world. They are already linked up to host-fields.

And America has already shifted into their new program under the dark Orions, using a new main frame to shift the ZMF3, into the parallel holographic world they have created, using common day computer games to implement this into their section of reality - or are trying to, using the hybrid kids for this.

I wrote in a template reading yesterday, having read his genetics - a very complicated USA military template:

Your Pleiadian genetics are modified to be able to work with holograms and images. For now, you are not using the full capacity to see and get this into images. It has to be done on the computer, using HMTL. That’s the set up. The drawing in hand is only as sketches to be changed into a program. 

The images you are to make, are supposed to be 4D and holographic, using the multidimensionality of your mind to stretch to unseen areas of the program. You were supposed to be a ZMF3 programmer making animated entities for it to accommodate dream time scenarios in targeted people. The idea was that you would remote view the target, by going into their heads (as you know you can). Read their mind-field and then from that create an entity to unfold a specific type of program into the dream sequences of the target, re-coding him or her to become subconsciously altered, making the person weaker or stronger in that.

Now, what are dreams then? Dreams are in-program, reprogram sequences that run during night time, when humans are put out. The program shuts them down so to speak, turning off the normal brain frequencies and shifting them into altered states of the program, which runs with that frequency level. The ZMF3 runs day and night. In the old program, the operating vessel rested in that period to regain strength and energy for the next sequence.

So, for you to use your modified genetics correctly, you are to remote view something, be it a plant or an animal or go deep into a movie and find the hidden codes, and from that create your images. If not, you will generate distortion and illusions, as you already have experienced. You need to go way way deeper into image making and not the normal human way, drawing with colors. You need to think HMTL or code language when you draw, seeing things as energy (codes), frequencies (instead of color) and holograms instead of forms. And the purpose has to be for the greater good, for the good of humanity and for the salvation of the world. That’s the program in you.

However, all of these solutions around the world are only short term and do not solve the fact that either we do the transition as a controlled race, again by the control of other factions, or as a free race.

And considering the work this implies, mentally, emotionally and physically, we are in for a big challenge. I should know, having tried to solve that in different run throughs and in this life as well. Again, again.

I am not saying this to scare you. I am saying this to make you understand the implications of the future, you are part of. This is what you are in for and this time there will not be a program to protect you, from yourself, but the full repercussions of the true worlds, following the rules of this universe.