Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Important Days February 2017

The lesson to be learned in a pain and strife system as ours, is that we do the soul progression in spite of everything that is going on around and in us.

Noticeable days in February, where energies have a specific headline this year. They are all related to the 20-17 sequence and thus also to be seen as a 2-8. These are numbers of energy currents (gridworks) and what dimension they come from (8D - Orion, cf. the origin of Polarity).

Be more aware in your energy work for these energies and use them well. These energies are related to the polarity game OUTSIDE the interactive simulation program but we use the rotundum of the program to generate energy, and are thus for the activated souls in our reality. Watch this video.

February 2nd: 2-2-20-17 also called a Goddess Day in the old days (3500 BCE in the Temple of Crete). Here we used to work with the incoming energies from the cores of Orion. Naturally we worked with the white core energies and the energy signature, and patterns, these could generate in our energy systems to renew our higher dimensional awareness of the origin of matter, origin of soul and origin of consciousness. Recreation of genetic strands of Orion balancing.
Rotundum card: The High Priestess

February 6th: 6-2-20-17 is a Day of Leaving Behind the Shells of Knowledge. A choice of what to foster and grow has to be made and old knowledge, and their thought forms are to be left behind. Including the energy system that has been used to make these ideas manifest into the base program.
Rotundum card: The Lovers

February 7th: 7-2-20-17 A Day of Renewal. Using the clean up of yesterday to create new flows of energy and with that new shells to contain our creations.
Rotundum card: The Chariot

February 8th: 8-2-20-17 Day of Death and Despair. When leaving behind old, and creating new, ripples are felt in the base program and in our surroundings. Are you strong enough to withhold the new energies even though they create resistance in the base program and the people around you? How can you stand in your light and take care of others too? Of their light? Or in case of polarity; face their darkness? Perhaps mirroring yours?
Rotundum card: Strength

February 9th: 9-2-20-17 Day of Contemplation and New Orientation.
Rotundum card: The Hermit

February 17th: 17-2-20-17 Day of Counterbalancing.
Rotundum card: The Star

February 18th: 18-2-20-17 Opening of the Ancient Gates of Orion (gridwork activation sequences). The work you have done this month decides which pillar you work on and open up to.
Rotundum card: The Moon

February 21st: 21-2-20-17 Completion of Rotundum. The Results of your Work.
Rotundum card: The World

February 22nd: 22-2-20-17 Aftermath and Wrapping up (what have you overlooked?)
Rotundum card: The Fool