Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Passage of Light - February 2017

As January was the chance to complete the prior 9 year cycle of the program, to undo the regression, February is the chance to complete the prior 8 year cycle of the Polarity Games to undo the infection.

Venus is connected to the Polarity Games and its passage over the sky denoting 4 years of darkness and 4 years of light, seen in the morning and evening star. The next 8 years is the time to work with how you play inside the Polarity Games, to end it. This is unfolded in February and that will determine your soul progression from 2017-2023. Look here, to understand the pentagram of Venus, and huge thank you to Guy Ottewell for making this (he is not affiliated with my work or in any ways connected hereto), giving us important dates for our journey. 

The dates below are from Guy Ottewell added with my information:
2017 Mar 25 in Pisces - its a 7-3-20-17 sequence in Pisces (water or insectoid genetics), reflecting back to January and the emplacement into the base program (the Star, card 17) and the gridwork you are connected to, aka the energies you use in your LOES. What is in Pisces in your birth chart to be cleansed to make a new beginning (the Chariot, card 7) and manifest this into the base program as fostering energy (the Empress, card 3). Which contracts need to be released to get out of the "condemnation" of the dark ones (Judgment, card 20)? The dark brotherhoods administer the dark contracts, cf. page 113-116 of the Ending the OWO book. With that, you have a year to work with the base energies of your LOES so you can complete this on 2018 Oct 26. Key Sentence: Be Observant in what you Attract (using the mirror effect to cleanse out).

2018 Oct 26 in Virgo - its a 8-1-20-18 sequence in Virgo (earth or mammal genetics higher arch). Virgo is the transformation of matter (symbolized in the virgin; untainted, no desire, gentle and pure energy) adding mammal genetics to the genetics of the heart vortex, altering the energies here to 6D, using the cleansed energies of the LOES. 20-18 is the year of the Judgment of the Two Pillars, cf. the Polarity Games as they were installed into our reality during Atlantis. This is the year to complete the 3rd world-4th world polarity (working with the 6D golden-white male-female energies unified cf. the Book of Creation videos) as well as the infected energies denoted in the card 8 (Strength) and 10 (10 or 1, i.e. the Wheel or the Magician). This is where the passage can be begun by actions to purify the heart from all "evil thoughts and temptations", as it has been called in the old days, denouncing the 3rd world energies and mind and work toward the 4th world, merging the twoThus here we observe what can be transformed in full on that day, unfolding the evening star energy of the pentagram (the upright pentagram of the aware ego) and from that begin the next sequence to be completed on 2020 Jun 3. Key sentence: Do no harm to others (energetically, physically, mentally and emotionally)

2020 Jun 3 in Taurus - its a 3-6-20-20 sequence in Taurus (Earth or mammal genetics lower arch). Taurus is the manifestation of physical energy inside the base program, i.e. the chakra system and what is in the root vortex of stellar genetics. Here we get the chance to add mammal genetics to all of the root vortex genetics, lifting them to their highest potentials (the higher version of Taurus as the enlightened eye of the Bull) and in this transform the chakra system to free us from its control (the lower version of Taurus, the submerged ego awareness) turning them all into 4th world energy and out of the 3rd world frequencies and in this shifting "the above and the below" (the 20-20 sequence into a full Judgment of mind and flesh). Thus here we observe what can be transformed in full on that day completing the work, unfolding the morning star energy of the pentagram (altering the downright pentagram to the enlightened state, dissolving the pentagram) and from that begin the next sequence to be completed on 2022 Jan 9. Key sentence: Be Observant in what you want, and what you manifest using the two prior keys.

With that the lower 60% of the LOES has been transformed to hold the 6D energy in all chakras as well as in the heart and root vortex.

2022 Jan 9 in Sagittarius - its a 9-1-20-22 sequence in Sagittarius (fire or reptilian genetics on a higher arch). Sagittarius is the sign of transformed mind into higher awareness, having altered the regressed 3rd world reptilian genetics to hold 4th world mammal genetics too (part man and part animal in regenerating balance). From that the animal genetics are fully controlled by the higher awareness in the main center and upper triangle. This sequence is the chance to work with the upper triangle and main center, to pull in the codes of the upper template to alter the mind-field using the upper 40% of the LOES to recreate the stellar awareness into this form. This work is done by inner contemplation and following the impetus from the energies of the upper template (the Hermit, card 9 - trust yourself) to unfold the full potentials of the main center as well as using the creation powers of the Magician (card 1, ruled by the heart and not the mind, aka by the soul and not the ego). What we create in this sequence will be Judged (card 20) and unfolded into a new beginning, where all is unknown (the Fool, card 22. Card 22 is also card 4, which is the full manifestation in the base program done by the developed ego aka the Emperor showing the wise man is a king and a fool). This will lead to a new beginning, using the new energies of the gridwork we have activated ourselves to use as well as the result of it on 2023 Aug 13. Key sentence: Shine your light to the world, using the heart and mind fields.

2023 Aug 13 Cancer-Leo-Hydra border - its a 13-8-20-5 sequence in Cancer-Leo (water and fire or insectoid and reptilian genetics in a new set up). Cancer holds the energies and awareness of the ego in both the base program and outside of it, using the inner knowledge to manifest it into the gridworks of our reality. If the sign is developed into its highest potentials. Otherwise it is a split sign showing an ego awareness afraid of its inner emotions and knowledge, having difficulties manifesting the inner awareness into the world, and in that having difficulties being in the world and thus retracting to an inner space of security and seclusion. In this combination of the highest potentials of both signs, following the prior years of cleansing work, a new human can arise being the fully developed ego mastering the inner and outer energies in full and at the same time being able to manifest this as a strength from a strong merged in personality of both the stellar awareness and the altered ego (the Hierophant, card 5). The Leo masters the program but from an ego level if not developed. Fully developed the Leo becomes the king, and thus the true Magician using the non-regressed reptilian (now turned into reptoid-mammal) to regenerate genetics in others, being the great teacher and at the same time share this strength with others (the card 8). With this the Hydra can be slain (the many headed evil or the Dragon aka the antagonistic core of Orion) and the transformed ego stands as the hero, half man (woman) and half god aka the ego infused with the soul. Key sentence: Be what you have created.

The Passage of Light

The Passage of light is for the souls that chose to play on the dark pillar of the Polarity Games. It has always been a fact that these souls would return eventually, when they got fed up, or felt they had learned what they could. Being part of the dark pillar, to undo the infection or to be taken over by it, was seen as a huge challenge and some of the strongest souls chose this path after the Orion wars. Others were pulled in there, and forgot themselves. 

The ones that chose this are now ready to do the Passage of Light, typically the high leveled masters of the dark hierarchy, having played the dark pillar program to their advantage. In this we also understand why it has always been said that with great darkness comes great learning and light because the strong dark souls chose to oppose us, so that we could grow in our light, inside the Polarity Games, forcing us to undo the infection.

The  ISP was created in Lemuria to undo the regression at the time as it was, and the Orion Wars led to Atlantis and the Polarity Games to undo the infection that spread from the antagonistic core in Orion and out to the rest of our scheme by the use of weaponry holding the infection as well as the opening up to the infected souls from the timeline event. Here the strong souls of Lemuria, that had got the vampiric infection from the Orion Technologies, chose to become the souls of the dark pillar to assist us in undoing the dark deeds of the wars.

Of course many of them forget themselves in this and instead of helping from the other side, they began opposing us.

These souls are now ready to come back home. And many of them are using the energy systems from the military projects (now without leadership due to the mistakes of the Technocrats, taking them out in the remaining energies of the 5D level of the ISP and thus collapsing the program to only hold 4D and 3D). They can do so because there was an inbuilt law in the Polarity Game, that if the dark pillar would become the only one, and our solar system would begin the full infectious state of darkness, then these old souls would begin the awakening. 

And with that we also get the reason why the masters of darkness have played for the destruction: to be able to use this rule to be redeemed by the strongest souls of the pillars of light and in that, get the chance to renew themselves as souls ready to do the soul progression outside any program (as the ones of the pillars of light are to do too). Only if the strongest dark souls, from the Orion Wars, are redeemed can the strongest souls of the pillar of light, free themselves too and end the Polarity Games.