Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Rules of the Polarity Game - February 2017

In the Days of Great Darkness the Titans will rise and with them comes the final battle between the masters of the two hierarchies of light and darkness. 

The Titans will change the scheme, as they unfold what they have learned and with that undoing the deeds of the past, completing all of the cycles.

As we acknowledge these energies, as they have arisen to complete and end the division of our scheme, and what has been begun with this, we also revive the Rules of the Polarity Games into the base program.

This is for the Grand Masters to play out. The Rules are
1) Mastering of Pillar energies on the side, you have chosen.

2) Mastering of what you have obtained to complete your soul progression rate.

3) Mastering of the obstacles of creation within the pillar you have chosen.

4) Mastering of the alteration codes of the two paths of Redemption and Salvation until both pillars cease to exist.

5) Mastering of Redemption contracts on both sides until the progression rate is obtained.

6) Mastering of the complete Interactive Simulation Program and the Polarity Games as they unfold using the prior 5 rules.

Trickery, adversary, manipulation, strategy to win over is allowed on both sides. 
Repulsion of energy is allowed to secure pillar.
Rebuilding and Destruction are allowed in both pillars to obtain highest energy rate.
Completion of contracts is to be the main goal, and in this adhering of the rules are to be followed.

Pillars of Light are to take the roles as Rebuilders using energy from both sides to obtain this.
Pillars of Darkness are to take the roles as Destroyers using energy from both sides to obtain this.
Both sides can make agreements of truce and collaborate if seen necessary.
Shifting pillar is allowed.
Winning over is allowed.

The Pillars of Creation, Light & Dark, go from 1D to 12D. Both sides can use consciousness and energy from all dimensions.

And to remind you of the rules of the ISP, from the Higher Awareness Lifestyle book

The Rules of the ISP 
1. You are to work with the soul capacity you have to be able to progress this into new levels.

2. You develop among souls with the same capacity and skills as you have, including other dimensional levels.

3. You will only face challenges that match your progression rate and possibilities.

4. You will be met with challenges, which will strengthen your weaknesses on the in-program human levels, stellar genetic levels and soul levels. 

5. You will participate in the overall purpose for this reality field and support the greater good until you are ready to break off and create your own reality.