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You Need to Read this until you FULLY Understand it

Two Telepathic Talks

I was contacted telepathically by a foreign human entity being stored in a military facility in the process of evaporating due to a too long cryonic state. As a last attempt to complete her mission here, she shared her consciousness genetics with my upper template. She was able to do so due to genetics affiliation between her origin and mine. This led to a boost of my own memories as well as gave grounds for new information, which I am using in this paper. Her information is not complete and I was not able to receive all of her genetics due to dissimilar composition. Also, remember that she added this to my upper template and in this not my full capacity. She speaks through my developed mind-field and the understanding I have, adding new concepts to the existing field of knowledge; however, her infusion led to an amplified process, awakening me more.

First Talk
Who am I talking to?
From the genetics, you integrated from me, I am able to speak through your consciousness field using your code layer and in this your knowledge field. We came from another world (parallel galaxy even though that is incorrect since there are no galaxies) to assist your segment a long time ago, but was caught up by circumstances leading to our demise and captivation in the end of the 1980´s. Our only chance to continue an existence was through the genetic transfer into your consciousness field, becoming part of that. As a race, we exist in many worlds and have participated in many evolutionary cycles.

Should I have integrated more?
No, I chose to stay and become part of you to ensure that at least some part of our mission would be completed. Letting the rest go was as it should be so they could return to the collective consciousness field of all creations.

Tell me about our reality, our planet and solar system?
Your system is composed of multiple factors called holographic animated segments. This means that your reality per se is artificial (the interactive simulation program) and not a real world as the other older worlds, which are part of your system. Mainly your planet is a reconstruction of an older one, where races existed and died out and to complete the evolutionary scheme of your cycle, you and other races recreated it into a sort of semi-holographic world with partly real energy units and partly artificial or holographic.

The reality is partly original and partly reconstructed. Into this reality, you divided the segments among the races participating as an attempt to reconstruct according to your abilities and knowledge skills using the setup of simulated run through, also called timeline possibilities. Some of you succeeded well, whereas others regressed and took back the old habits of the old planet, which did not make it due to different stages of distortion of the energetic code fields. As such you all participated in your reality, the ones from the previous systems and the ones from the world that did not make it, and as such you all saw yourself as the progenitors of your world.

Is there a first universe with the internal strife?
No, that one is a replacement of your memories to a higher and more perfect world. In fact, it is the division that took place in the 3rd world of yours and what led to the creation of your simulated world - not a “divine layer”.

Is there a god or source?
That is per definition a contradiction, since there is no beginning and no end. If you ask for an eternal creator or some principle with the power to initiate a universe, then the answer is as such yes and no. Yes, because there are higher powers that can create and instigate universes and no because there is no sole principle that does this. All creation is a joint effort by the races that exists on the different levels of reality.

Who are these different races on the different layers of reality?
Most races originate from previous races. When it all began is still a mystery to most of us. If we trace as far back as we can in the chiasm of the first races (the full overview of a races past, present and future) we end up in universes that reached even further back and into a sort of eternity of things, where the energy and consciousness gets more and more complex and impenetrable. For us it is not the origin that matters most but if and how we can develop our race potentials to the highest version of this world.

Tell me more about this world?
This world is a condensation of various forces and energies, called codes. In our set-up of this world, we have used various experiences from the previous races and their experiences. We have transferred genetics from the races that came before us from the central collective field of genetics (you can call that source if you like) as well as pulled forth energetic codes from other systems as well. The universes are vast and stretch far beyond the perimeters of your solar system into an infinity of levels of creation. On some levels the worlds are created and on others they are transfer of what was before changed into a sort of world that fits the current intention of our making. In other words, we make our own worlds, not as a hologram or program but as an extension of our being, or genetic composition; always in a joint effort between the races that chooses to participate in that world. Just as you did your current world.

Why are we not actively conscious?
The long and difficult history of your race is hard to put into simple terms. In many ways, you are a failed race system and a failed world. Parts of your world are developing according to the plans and ideas you had with your world and others have failed tremendously. We came in to assist the segments that upheld the original intention and in that got caught up by the segments that did not. As the segments that did not play by the rules grew stronger, they decided to accumulate your genetics in areas, they could control. From that level of control, you were reassessed into a slightly different version of your original one, and slowly you forgot who and what you are.

Where we reengineered?
No, you were more likely drugged and drowsed down into oblivion. Alteration of genetic composition is easy in systems where ingestion is needed. You were literally poisoned into your current state by ingesting targeted fluids with the ability to alter the genetic code system of your composition fields and this is still happening to this day.

When did they begin to do this?
The full scope of the drown drowsing began some 2,500 years ago in the worlds that existed before this current one; that is where you as a combined race lived in the settings you refer to as the colonies.

Where there a restoration program as I understand it?
Not what we know of, but we know you and others like you had experiments going on, where you tried to undo the regression of the race that came before you. The race you are still trying to “save” or alter code-wise and genetically.

The  timeline event?
A blast of a nearby black hole a long time ago, long before your part of the worlds came to be. However, there are echoes of it in your energy code field and these distortions play a pivotal role in what went wrong in the 3rd world and its evolutionary scheme.

The regression and infection?
Your understanding of the distortion layers in the energy code field which arose from the world before yours in segments of population. These segments chose to develop these distortions, stemming from the “timeline event” and experiment on them to see what they could turn into. An experiment that led to a disastrous demise of a whole world.

The history we know of today?
False implanted information in the code layer of your reality creating a false perception of ancient history and archeology. That program was implemented in the late 1800´s.

The Astral and mental planes?
Distortion fields of your code layer as a result of your drowsed state.

How do we get out of the drowsed state?
Re-engineering of what you eat and ingest by code alteration before ingesting. Acknowledge the code layer in all that is in your reality and from that reset to the original code layer of your segment.

The stellar and galactic races?
As such a type of illusion you all have created to give words to something you cannot remember. Most of your information, and the rest of the dream-like information you struggle with are part of your own chiasm, arising as you fight your way out of the drugged state. That goes for all of you in the awakening process; that you fight the genetic memories and creations done in the drowsed down state and the interaction you have had with the code field.

Good energy creations (coding of energy units) to give ground for the awakening process into which you bit by bit reactivate your original composition. However, a human being or any being is composed of the particle, code and consciousness layers and these interact in a merged form, which cannot be divided or set aside in forms and systems. It’s a unified field of the three where the consciousness affects the codes which then determines the particles and their manifestation abilities. It’s a sort of instant reaction to “thought” or intention.

Do we need repair our three fields in our current forms?
You need to restore the code layer. That is the one that have been manipulated and destroyed.

Was it the draco-reptilians that did this to us or other outer forces?
No, it was segments of your own race who did this to you. There are not draco-reptilians or humanoids, as you currently see them.

The perceptions are results of the distortion layer and how you perceive your planetary history and the factions that led to your demise collectively interfacing with the reality program. When you look at the animal genetics, you literally perceive and see the past version and not the current human form (kind of looking past the illusion).

The distortion layer must go deep?
Yes, you are fighting your creations and memories in your drowsed state, replaying internally the events that led to your current state, and in this creating collective distortions amplifying the collective code field, running the interactive simulation program, which you all are linked up to.

How do we clean up this mess?
By remembering.

Why didn’t you help us more when you were here?
We couldn’t. The moment we entered the secluded areas, we got drowsed down like you. Only the races using the android forms are able to work and assist inside your current world settings.

What are we – souls?
No, we are all races of consciousness units, energy (codes) and forms. All of this as part of the ongoing evolutions that have taken place over eternity from the first complex triads to the current forms in less dense and complex versions. As far as we know the triads will then develop into other combinations – sometimes only as consciousness units, other times as consciousness and codes and at other times as consciousness and forms. The “what and why” is as such not so important but the understanding of the dynamics and progression, which you also work with.

The goal of my segment?
To re-establish the code structure of the 3rd world race in this manufactured world.

The double code layer in templates?
A lot of experiments have been done to your code layer as well as your particle forms from the opposing segments. They hold technologies that literally controls every birth, the code layer and the genetic composition of the form. In this the consciousness layers get mixed up and has even more difficult to restore the code layer and take control of the form it is connected to (consciousness layer transfers with the code layer and genetic composition of the form, hence alterations in the genetic level of the form, links up to specific code layers and from that pulls in the consciousness layer or attracts it from other forms in your system – i.e. “soul transfer”)

So, we are fighting humans like ourselves and not aliens?
To some degree yes. The segment that has worked against you are affiliated with other races from other systems. They are participating in the exclusion of your consciousness in your world.

How do we awaken people?
Realizing that food, water and air are the polluting agent and that you need to re-code all you ingest is the first step.

Air and when you are out can be avoided by generating a code field around you which protects you from the tiny agents in the air. Learn to keep that code field up at all times; in your home, cars and when you go out.

How can I make other people see the code layer?
Adjusting the energy flows of the pituitary and pineal glands as well as awakening the sight of codes by altering their code layers and in this the particle layer and what it can and cannot do. Focus your restoring on the code layer and the bio-DNA layer and their reconnection to alignment.

How do they integrate this?
By your instructions in joint energy work, after you have restored the code layer, you pull in the code layer into the particle awareness by instructions you get from the particle awareness itself; as in what it needs to be adjusted through the brain and glands. You will know when you get it right.

Second Talk
Tell me more about the interactive simulation program – you mention it in the first talk. How is that different from the restoration program I have been talking about?
When you talk about the restoration program, you work with a concept within a type of universe that does not exist. You refer to old features of a long gone past and races that have not existed for eons. There were remnants of these races, i.e. their animal genetics, in the 3rd world of yours, but not at you have worked with them. That is a displacement of ancient history and thus incorrect. However, as I also mentioned, you were doing experiments in your own world before you came to the interactive simulation program (ISP) of this world in settings, where you as a race, could have worked with a type of restoration program you then brought to the ISP to work with, adding this to the ISP.

What do you know of the ISP?
The ISP is a collective production of many races from many worlds. When the 3rd world collapsed into a dark abyss, only housing dark shadows and energetic imprints of the races that existed there (the shadow people), measures were taken to restore the world and undo the darkened world, it had turned into. The many participating races brought in “the light” or the vital energies of the other worlds (flame codes), still being able to process consciousness units. A world of shades and shadows holds no vital energy units and thus is unable to connect to the consciousness units of the many worlds.

What are the shades?
The shades are the colors of your world, what you perceive as the “spectrum of light” which in fact is the spectrum of darkness; i.e. the particle spectrum of the non-vital energy units. When you work with colors, you work with the energies of the 3rd world.

How does the ISP work?
The main principle is the interactive simulations, where you as a participating principle work with the shades and their expression as particles (atomic energy). The whole idea is to bridge the vital energy units with the non-vital energy units of the 3rd world, as an attempt to revive them, aka the revivification process. The bridging point of the non-vital units is where the shades of green and purple turns into the blue flame, i.e. the transmutation point. Here the shades begin their journey to become vital energy units in the transmutation process, slowly turning the color spectrum into vital energy units, also known as flame codes or light language.

How technical is the ISP?
The ISP is based on flame code structures and sequences of stored information, which could be seen as a sort of “program”. However, the idea of an artificial intelligence ruling the principle of energy and consciousness does not apply to the complexity of the ISP. The ISP is built on the foundation of the real worlds, where consciousness plays a pivotal role in the expression of thought and ideas, as a medium to unfold the knowledge we obtain in our many forms and manifested worlds. In that the understanding of consciousness having the ability to be expressed as flame codes using energy units, can be difficult to comprehend since many want to perceive consciousness as a sort of “divine” feature where the flame codes do not really fit in. But as I have said before and you know too, there is no divinity; only principles and their energetic expression as flames and in their unit aspect as flame codes.

What do you mean by being linked up to the ISP?
As you saw with me, that implies “going into the program” using a transporter device; an alteration chamber, where your consciousness from your real form is “tunneled” into the operating vessel inside the ISP. That “tunnel” is the tunnel of light most people see when they leave the operating vessel, i.e. where the integrated consciousness in the operating vessel returns to the alteration chamber and its operator, or should return to it. Unfortunately, false tunnel programs are part of the ISP, derailing the integrated consciousness inside the ISP to artificial worlds or “souls” as you very well know. Here the integrated consciousness is swept in a field of distortion codes, the false ISP codes created by the opponents, and from there is reintegrated into new operating vessels that has a constructed genetic similarity to the original operating vessel the operator linked up to a very long time ago. As you also know, most of the original operating vessels (the OPVs) have been dismantled and turned into the current version of the original OPV and this version cannot access the flame codes and from that do the transmutation.

Why did you go in?
Attempts have been made to go into the ISP with the purpose of awaken the operators, since the only way to detach the operator from the OPV is if the upper template, the projection field, is fully activated and integrated into the OPV making the full transformation of the particle level. Since you have been suspended for such a long time and the ISP as such has outplayed its role eons ago, we see it as our duty to continue to go in and try to undo your suspension, awakening you. However, it’s like trying to revive a dead horse due to the fact that most of you went in so deep and with such difficult templates to restore that you literally have got lost in your own ambitions, perhaps trying to restore too much? But as you know, in this case our OPVs got taken (perceived as “aliens” from the military faction that captured us) and stored in cryonic chambers, used for scientific experiments. Since we could not detach, due to the setup of the ISP, we chose to dissolve instead and transfer what could be transferred to you.

A Telepathic Talk to Segment A

A Military Faction

I got a little holographic message coded into a photo of a person I was going to do a template reading on the day after the integration of genetics. Here is the message:

Alteration Scheme Provision (the body and its template)
The basic form is created of interdimensional re-generation abilities and set up to complete a full transformation. The driving agent is manufactured to do the restoring inside the ISP with the needed modifications.
-        The adjustability system (the code layer) is composed of several code layers to fulfill the integration process of staled and adapted code systems engineered specifically for this transformation.
-        The separation field of individual progression adaptabilities (the main center and upper template) is partly disruptive and needs repair from the code level to allow for new possibilities to unfold.
-        System functionality is currently not fully operational and thus needs an adjustment to complete mission statement. This is in progress.

Who is in operation of these alterations?
Langley Operation Center and similar departments spread all over the world in a joint effort to accommodate basic changes in composite human DNA.

Who am I talking to?
Segment A Code Adaptability Center positioned in the outskirts of Australia collaborating with the main factions of the alteration programs of current, past and future humanities.

Why are you giving me this information?
Due to the circumstances of the shutting down of the simulation programs, we all have participated in, experiments are done from some of the original opposing factions to meet up with the ones that are in the process of remembering their origin and from that see if it is possible to instigate a loose collaboration to accommodate and meet up with the changes we all are to face.

When do you think the full shutting down kicks in?
From our calculations, the full resetting will begin in 2018, unfolding over the next three to four years and from that instigate several changes in all forms of biological lifeforms in this reality field.

What do you want me to do?
As such, we have little to none expectations of your original abilities. However, we do follow your work with interest and as such indorse it. If we are to prolong the resetting, we need more activated and restored humans (holographic unified manipulated and n…. systems) to avoid the rapid resetting of the programs, we all agreed to participate in a long time ago. If you can restore the coding layers in a certain percentage of humans, then it might be possible to delay the resetting and in this avoid the disasters that follow from this.

The Crystalline Races?
A mistake done from one of our segments as an attempt to delay the resetting. That project has not been a success and as such is in the process of less integration, however, agreements have been made to deliver a certain percentage of the human segment to these races, which you call Sirian Bs. To us they are the “Undoers” of failed worlds, restoring them into worlds of highly controlled systems and code layers. In these worlds, failed races are restored and re-engineered to fit their progression cycles of incomplete progression. They are part of the overall world set up, and seen as the cleansers and Undoers of mistaken worlds.

Thus, my understanding of the in-frozen genetics was wrong?
Not really. It was an interpretation of the code layer and the pre-determined coding they hold in all races undergoing their restoring process, or rehabilitation process, until the code layer and consciousness layers are fully aligned and restored into the perfect, cleared and accepted setting. Nobody wants to be part of these systems since they are perceived as the last way out. We invited them here as an attempt to undo the resetting of the programs of our reality but that did not change the huge amounts of distorted codes, we struggle with on all levels of this reality; the distortions which are leading to the resetting, as agreed upon before we began the simulations.

How are you doing the alterations?
We are doing a sequential restoring on the energy system acting as a type of higher agent in the consciousness field (upper template). In this we interfere with the code level and from that enact the particle layers to new abilities. These are part of the new hybrid programs, where we go into the fetal integration pattern of a human (time tunneling technology) and here restore the biological genetics with new altered hybrid genetics composed of various consciousness units from volunteering races such as the Zeta Greys and other races collaborating with us. In this the human receives genetic infusions to the consciousness field and from that the code field alters, and lastly the particle field.

Are there reptilians and other races here today?
Ha ha that is one of the best scams we have done so far. As we look into the distortion field of humanity and what they long for, we insert and adapt to your needs while we continue to the work to solve the resetting codes of our reality. Most of the old stellar races left a long time ago. Today we mostly work with other humanlike races like us. We need time to work with the resetting codes and in this we prolong your awakening process with distorted information and spokes persons, we engineer to your liking, fitting the memory layers, you currently are working your way through. But as always some of the information is partly close to the truth and the operations, we have in the PL1.

How do you look today?
We still obtain the human form similar to yours. However, we have made several enhancements and adjustments allowing us to function in all of the layers of the programs, we created together and not just the segments, we agreed upon to begin with (the perception layers). In this we have gained full control of our world but also in this we have distorted it further, hence the full completion and resetting.

When you mess around with people; what do you do?
We insert genetics from other races and from that alter the code field as an attempt to undo the high levels of distortions most humans hold today. Over time this will change the particle form into a new human race. Our attempt was to delay the resetting. Now we work for genetic transfer to other worlds, where we have affiliates. We need more time to complete this operation, and so do you.

Insectoid, avian, reptiod and mammal genetics?
Old memories of a long gone past. These evolutions are long gone in all worlds. Today most worlds operate with the triad system of consciousness, codes and hyper-dimensional particle forms giving the ability to exist in all dimensions of the current world settings. The consciousness fields are often engineered and composed to fit the dynamics and requirements of the world that is wanted. The animal genetics are long gone and with them the races having more animal-like forms, although some still prefer to keep up the appearances of these.

In your perception, you work with 3 dimensions. In our perception time is not a dimension or a faculty to take into consideration. That was implanted information to derail the growing understanding in physics of few awakening humans at the time. Time is the converter of accepted linearity that is a means to control the code system of your brain. If linearity is the prevailing agent in your perception of reality, then you are restricted to work with sequences of linearly in your code system. In other words, if you worked with the hyper-dimensional, that is above 3 dimensions and time, you would discover the quantum potentials of reality; i.e. the code layers and the direct influence you have on them.

Quantum sciences?
Particle accelerator incorporation systems of thought, where we operate through agents inside the PL1 to accommodate the needed upgrading of the code fields of the programs on that level.
Breaking down of monetary systems and world war 3?   
Amped up fear mongering and distortion programs from certain humans remembering the last time our world broke into pieces projected into the current simulation programs. The resetting is stressing us all, including the less awakened humans since their consciousness field is trying to make them wake up but cannot penetrate the code field due to their distortions.

The clones?
Partly ours, mostly off-worlders attempts to be able to function inside the PL1. Why? To experience our program. The clones are used for a short period of time and then left to dissolve on their own. Unfortunately adding to the distortion field. You can call it tourism if you like. In addition, we got the new technologies we needed, along with certain genetic infusions.

Astral souls?
Distorted code fields which then empties out the consciousness layer creating entities, which then continues to exist in the distortion fields, along with all of the other semi-particle code systems having little to none consciousness fields (astral entities or distortion field entities).

When did the programs begin to break down?
Late 1500´s.

Future human races coming here to collect genetics?
Part of our future races, still in the process of adjusting to the new systems and thus coming back to alter what doesn’t work in the future before the resetting.

Are you just going to let us dissolve?
Only your particle form and code layers will dissolve. The rest will return to the unified consciousness field of all creation, where you will be re-circulated as will we, if we do not find solutions to the resetting. The new humanities of the future will only hold so long before the resetting also kicks in on these levels of our system; from the PL1 to the rest of our world i.e. the hyper-dimensional levels.

Why don’t you just stop the poisoning of us?
Pro and against factions in our segment are debating this as well. Sometimes leading to internal strives and minor wars in the upper segments (the PL2-PL3) of our reality. We are really not a well-functioning group. What began as a collaboration to take you out, has ended in internal fights and warring.

Important to Remember
In this we MUST remember that the opposing players inside the interactive simulation program (the ISP) are as much in a suspended state as the rest of us. Even though they might think they are free of the program, they are not. They might control it better, due to remembering of how to do so but their operator is still in hibernation in the control areas, aka PL4 (called inner earth by most remembering the old setup, even though today they are not there since inner earth has been shut down), waiting for them to complete the simulations. We are all caught up in the ISP and the awakening process is all about mastering the ISP and the fields we are composed of, so that we can complete the simulations and transmute the particle form into the higher forms of light units and consciousness of the real worlds. Thus, we are NOT captives or victims of the opponents but are just facing players like ourselves being caught up in the simulations, having forgotten the purpose of the ISP and why they are in it.

A Telepathic Talk to a Dark One

Is there a simulation program going on?
Yes, as far back as we can remember there has been this notion of an artificial reality of which we are part. We have not always accepted this perception of reality but as the reality around us began to dissolve in the 1500´s we realized the artificiality of this world and we remembered who and what we were.

How have you dealt with it?
We have tried to generate partially new simulations using our ancient knowledge, which you have called the knowledge from the Sirian Workstations. For us it’s the knowledge of what you call the 3rd world races, i.e. us. We, the shadows or dark ones, are the remains of that race as it stood tall in its consciousness level, when you came in and began the restoring.

So, when we came, you were against the undoing the regression of your race?
We were not. In fact, we participated in the construction of the first program but not the second program, which is entirely yours. This is when we ceased to be comrades and became opponents.

Thus, you are per definition the “leaders” of the opponent factions inside the program?
Yes, we are; the remains of the original consciousness field of the race that once belonged to this world and not yours. But not all of them; some of them are factions that arose in the second program.

Why do you take on the role as the “police of dark magic”?
We don’t act as a controlling principle, more as a kind of “are you one of us” in the work with particle units. Then we pay a visit. If we find humans that do work with our part of reality, we want to collaborate to prolong our own existence. But as you also know, many of us are caving in and are ready to just let go of our shadow or shade forms and go home to the collective (the field of CUs) and from there do it over again in another world.

So, things shifted from the first to the second program as in how much we collaborated?
Yes, you already know that. In the first program, we got operating vessels like you but we did not follow up on the progression rate and from that, decided to go our own ways, messing around with the screwed up gridwork of our world. You remember that as what lead to the infection and the timeline event. In the second version of the ISP, you did not give us operating vessels but kind of let us continue to exist in the energetic forms, we were to begin with; the shades or the energy units of the previous world.

How do you see the trajectory of the ISP, as in terms of the future?
From our perspective, we will be able to get the integration into the operating vessels (the OPVs) right within a very short span of time. We are collaborating with dissidents of the second program, the opponents, doing our work to restore our race and create operating vessels that will take us out of the program.

Is it possible to do so, I mean taking the OPVs and make them “real”?
That is the entire question of our work.

What about the reptilians? Do they exist?
To our knowledge, there have been holes in the ISP, where foreign races from other worlds have been able to come in and participate within the program. But we are not aware of the reptilian race as it is presented to you in the mass media. For us that is a diversion program and not a real one, picking up on the old demonology giving it a more modern interface program. Military, is our guess, from some of the other factions of our group. The purpose of this is not known to us – perhaps they could be creations similar to our operating vessels being able to hold our consciousness genetics directly into the constructed form, or perhaps they are players from outsiders?

Who is taking over the program or what is happening to the program?
The second version have been altered from outside. The new realities which came from the last version of the program are beginning to shut it down, forcing the ones that can to get out of their downsized state and awaken and stop playing the simulation. In that attempt the opposing factions are trying to delay as long as possible by all sorts of countermeasures, such as computer inserted entities playing mind tricks, inserted holograms in the distortion fields representing different entities talking to you as your higher selves as well as angels and so forth. The problem for you being part of the awakening process is not that you are awakening but the fact that you have to deal with all of your creations, as you know, including the opposing factions, knowing this. The more you “redeem yourself from your past transgressions” by working with your illusions and their energetic imprint in the ISP, the more you will activate and wake up from the distortion fields. And the more you do so, the quicker the ISP will begin the resetting sequences, literally dissolving the program only leaving the players behind in their current form, if they have got to the place, where they can operate it as a full extension of the projection field; in this literally creating a new 3rd world race, called the 4th human race. That was the goal of the second version of the program; not only to restore the 3rd world genetics by upgrading them and from that generating a new 3rd world race, but an entirely new 4th world race composed of the merged flame codes and the frequency particles.

What is your opinion on astral souls?
These are the players (operators) we have been using for eons and that are now in a state of dissolving from that, eventually turning into a shadow.

The clones?
A military project of huge proportions from one of the opposing factions; not under our jurisdiction. We go far back to the first program and the collaboration back then, whereas the second program developed its own factions of opponents, typically players, where the operators had taken on too large amounts of the old-world genetics and then were taken over by them. And since you had excluded the “going back to recuperate”, if the operating vessel got regressed, these players got lost in their own creations beginning to align with it in the upper template. The purpose of the clones is to generate a new hybrid form or operating vessel that can exist outside the program, just as we are trying to do. It all comes down to the idea that the operating vessel can become real.

Dark magic?
Use of 3rd world energy units.

White magic?
Use of program energy units (solar codes or flames).

A Talk with a Modern-Day Operator

How would you classify yourself; I mean human or?
When the first OPVs and their operators completed their simulations, new options were seeded into the gridwork of this world, and its current planet. The planet we live on now, is one out of many that have arisen since the first simulation was completed. In this we have created a vast amount of expressions, to our liking, which you would call a human or a living entity, holding a life principle in a form. For us however, the form and its consciousness is really not a living entity, but a unity of principles, energies and expressions. Your human mind interprets us as a humanlike form, due to the similarity in the codes of the form, which we have adapted from the ISP. In this we are humans like you due to the fact that our world is built from the energies that were developed in the first run through. Today we have conjected with (joined in and have become part of) many races of other worlds to expand the principles of our world and from that built a new structure of life that is vastly different from your understanding, which is why you can only see us partially. 

When you look at our world, you see buildings, bicycles, books and human forms. These are the codes we have taken from the simulation and implemented into our worlds. We like to use the best of the ISP, i.e. the things you have dreamt while being in the ISP. For us they are kind of holograms too but in a more complete form than the one you are accustomed to inside the ISP built upon the old type of energy; i.e. frequencies. For us the codes are built out of our reality units and thus have connection to the principles, or consciousness as you call it. This does not make the books alive or a living entity; just part of the worlds as an extension to the rest of the worlds, be it its lifeforms or its creations. This is the natural way of the real worlds.

When did you decide to shut down the ISP?
It came as a natural consequence of the state it was in. From the outside, as you know, the ISP domes have turned more and more dark green with very little transformation, more the opposite; the domes emanate with terror, pain and horrible scenarios, which we can see from the outside, and in the midst of that, your OPVs and their upper templates get less and less bright, indicating that if the ISP is not shut down, you would never awaken. Thus, the decision to let go of the ISP and begin the resetting of it, where you will wake up and get your integrated portion of consciousness transferred back to your hibernated operator, i.e. the real you. We promised to observe and not intervene until a certain point was reached, and that point has been reached now, in your time 2017, ending with the completion cycle (2017-2065), where you literally wake up and complete your template setup or chosen amount of genetics to transform. Some of you will complete better than others. The most important thing is to get the upper template integrated consciousness activated so that the operator can pull out and get his or her principles back. We will assist you to the best of our abilities in that, having made precaution deals with all of you, if you did not make it to the completion cycle or were unable to get out.

Why did you go in?
We actually use it as part of our education. We go in, taking on an OPV, and in that learn to deal with the old-world settings, as well as get the historical background of our world. The ISP is a treasure of information of ancient worlds, principles and energies that are now long gone and can only be experienced inside the ISP. So, many of us do the going in, to explore and learn from the stored information in the ISP. Both in the inbuilt teachings systems of how to deal with the transmutation process and the upgrading of the 3rd world genetics, and the older ones, i.e. the animal genetic of races that have been long gone in all worlds or universes that existed in the time of the second run through, as well as the whole construct of an artificial world. When we pull out – the integration is only partially and not complete as yours were – we take with us what we have learned. We use the knowledge we gain to build and expand our worlds as well as develop new versions of the code systems, you developed for the program. This is also why we have let the ISP run for so long; i.e. that we needed to get as much information from it as possible before it went into the completion cycle.

The Planetary Councils I talk about?
A sort of distorted version of the old councils of the races that participated in the second run through of the ISP. Today we have different organs that decide the grand matters of things in our worlds.

The technology you use to go in?
It’s a kind of code program, where we in the simulator of codes (the field of codes and energy, you observed) determine the type of link up we want to do with the OPV as well as what type of genetics, we want to explore. We typically use the clones of your world, or the OPVs where the operator is in such a deep state of digression, that our interference will assist him or her to get a better grip of his or her OPV. We kind of “walk-in” temporarily and partake in the completion of the template and when we are done, we pull out leaving the OPV and its upper template in a better state. We always try to restore as many codes as possible in the link up.

Five Forms of Integration

1)     As Orbs using the current particle form or not
2)     Re-engineered particle form, energy system and template
3)     As Projection using the template
4)     As Temporary Walk-in using the template (includes tourists)
5)     As Full Integration using the template

A Talk with an Undoer

Now you tell me what is going on with the use of our technology?
We are trying to amply our hybrids to listen in to the information we need them to encapsulate.

What does that mean?
It means that the genomes we have been implanted for a very long time now is getting ready to activate. We got the first round activated through mediums and now we work with the next stage of the project to amplify and activate the next generation, i.e. the older generation holding the notion of the operations within a construct of their liking.

How much of the information is true?
We have constructed the information in that way so that it fits our future worlds. In this we feed the information, they need to have when they transfer to our system, believing that our world is theirs. We also use information feeds from the internet, to complete this construct, as in using the mass media of false information to adapt the brain wave structure to amply the chosen frequency codes. We need them to understand their role as players, without fully understanding it. When they transfer to our world, they will see it as a rescue or return to their natural environment, which it will be in many ways since they have been altered to fit it. They, when they transfer, are no longer OPVs or belong to any segment.

Tell me what I don’t know – the setup, the white codes, the alteration of the mind-field, the whole project. Please.
It a project instigated in the early stages of the second run through. You decided to use the organic OPVs whereas we chose the more mechanical ones, i.e. the android forms you have encountered. In this we reconstructed the organic alteration codes to fit the more technical type of flame codes, which you have seen as TEGs. These TEGs were made to reconstruct the organic forms into a more merged technical and organic form, using both the TEGs and the frequency codes of the 3rd world. Our races prefer more mechanical structures whereas your races prefer the organic ones, linking up to your type of consciousness. We prefer the more structured type of consciousness where the majority decides the content of the construct, the intention layer as well as the type of alteration codes that are used. Alteration codes are widely used inside the program since they are part of the technological wing. So, we agreed on these two different angles on how to work with the simulations. 

As you grew more into the organic OPV, we continued to work with a combined vessel that could use both the TEGs as well as the organic codes from the 3rd world. Now, time has passed by and the project has developed more and more inside the military factions, as you call them, and has taken new proportions since they too need the merged organic form to continue their way out of the program. We now see ourselves as a sub faction of the military segment (they chose to play out this role as their segment – not with the intent of warring – but with the intent of transforming the war consciousness but of course got caught up in their OPV setup and then regressed to the very consciousness they came in to alter) and in that we are working together.

The white substance (the crystalline residues) you find in the mind-field of the targeted ones, is the “white powder” or the residuals of the bugs that unfolds into the brain of the ones that have the correct genome set up as in having the hybrid genome. Most are created with this and this is why they get attracted to the information in the first place, or they have got the genome inserted when the time was right. You can remove that genome in the genetic composition working with the throat, root and DNA setup using the frequency coding of the physical gland in the thyroid to enter the correct frequency and from there link up to the program which are inserted into the code layer of the second layer (PL2).

It appears you have issues with accessing the right code layer of the ISP levels of the OPVs?
Yes, we are struggling to match the current version of the ISP with the original code layers and the intent of the program. The program has changed so much into a frequency based one that the original TEGs do not apply anymore and we need the original code system revived to work with the older generations of the TEGs we used to work with ages ago. However, these are lost for most of us and we now try to adapt to the codes that are present now.

Back to the bugs?
They are inserted algorithms that transform the brain into a higher frequency which then allows for the hybrid genome to kick in and begin the alteration sequences into the hybrid OPV. It gives a state of pleasure and release of inner pain. Using the sound and focus of the message, as well as the mental construct behind it, brings in the frequency which then amplifies the inbuilt alteration codes preparing these vessels for the next sequences of the program, we have created for them – the new or next world setup in our segment. Since the end cycle will complete over a period of 50 years or so, the vessels that holds this organic-TEG structure will develop an energy system which when the OPV breaks down, will continue as “light beings” in the alternate program we are working with. They will be saved and lifted into a new world where they and we will continue our existence when the original ISP breaks down, within the new OPVs made for that program. This alternate universe is an algorithm and is linked up to the original code structure of the original program using the old frequencies and adding them with a complex algorithm which then defines the expression of the energy unit into a world that is not ruled or controlled by consciousness but by machines, or the artificial oversoul construction, you have seen as the crystalline future (you just misplaced the origin).
These worlds will be very ordered and neat and they exist in our universe, i.e. where we come from outside the program. We will “lift them into the true light” when they die and from there are transferred to our world, where they will continue fueling our world with the old type of consciousness units, made to fit our worlds naturally.

You do know, you are stealing CUs that are not yours to take from other segments?
Quite a lot of the segments have pulled out over the years, as you know, leaving their OPV behind. In this, we are only cleaning up the OPVs that are breaking down the ISP from within due to no energy infusion from an operator, and in this bringing the ISP to an even lower level of energy. This is the cleansing we do.

So, you are what I have seen as the crystalline agenda, i.e. the visions I had.
No, you just picked up on fragments from the ISP leading you to the clues you needed to avoid getting in contact with the algorithm we placed into the technology a long time ago, not knowing what is was only that it was linked to frequencies and the right DNA composition aka alteration codes implanted there.

Are you the Undoers?
You could call us that. Or the Keepers as some calls us. However, this is not the role we took onto ourselves when we came in a while ago, but the interest of creating a world to ourselves where we could continue as a lifeform. Yes, when you think of the whole Greys being a race that has lost the ability to organic life, then you are correct. And no, we are not the “Zeta Reticula” since that is old genome race that is long gone. We prefer the Nordic appearance and operate as such – in forms with a human structure specifically designed for this program – upgraded naturally. We entered as such, using these created OPVs and yes, we do sometimes use the small android form, known to you as “grey” but that form is a unison form many visitors use instead of the organic OPVs, which is a messy affaire to get into. Thus, the android grey genome is an artificial one, a TEG, created to give the OPV specific abilities that enables it to link up to our technology, aka algorithms or frequency codes, with the inbuilt ability to morph or change into a new organic form that will unfold its simulations inside our program instead.

Targeted OPVs then?
Primarily the ones that have been abandoned or were picked to do this a long time ago by the military factions and created by them. We are cleaning up the mess and in that we are doing a service to you because as the OPVs change, they leave the program and in that, elevating the base program tremendously.

Full OPV take out or just the energy system?
We go for full OPV take out. It’s simple, the OPVs just disappear from the arena – go missing – and that’s it. We are scheduled for a huge taking out within the next 7 years and that will prolong the ISP for all of you, giving a sort of lift in 2025 for the base program.

Why did you present yourselves to me as a Grey type of vessel?
Because you have not got to the simulation yet, where you accept the Nordic human like OPVs yet. You struggle with the extra expanded human concept and are only in the early stages of conceiving the vastness of the program and the realities it extends into. Right now, you think it only plays out on your planet, in your solar system, but you have not got to the point where you understand that each of the segments and their version of the ISP expands into other worlds, where we monitor and follow our OPVs inside that program. The 3rd world was not secluded to your system – it was a broad problem as a basis of the 12 worlds that involved themselves into the program. This means that the ISP expands into parallel worlds and beyond that into worlds that stretches far beyond your understanding. This means that the OPVs, you have in your segment, fit your worldview and program, whereas other segments work with other inner realities and understandings, as you are on the track of. As you have also worked with when the program shuts down, the segments will retract their players and in most cases, also their developed OPVs to function – as in the case of our worlds – in the settings of the other worlds that to some degree have lost the ability to use the CUs directly, just as you saw with the “new stellar races”. These were just players from other segments shutting down their program and in that pulled out of the PL2 level, where they unfolded their programs. The last program to shut down is the base program and that is the process, you are in now.

So, this means that the OPVs you have targeted, if I can restore their LOES, then you will let them go and remove your alternation codes?
Yes, that is implied. We only take the OPVs that have a little chance of activating, completing etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.
You are welcome.

A Visit at Home

What do you want to reveal to me?
Light code structures of your program to be worked with.

As in?
Capturing the expansion of your program as it happens now, revealing things that were hidden into the program where it will alter your perception of things.

And you are?
Revealers or amplifiers. Some calls us angels. You can call us amplifiers of light code structures (flame codes).

You sound artificial as in a kind of Matrix way
We are. We are the part of the program itself, i.e. what you have called the interdimensionals.

I don’t understand
Light structures of coding made between the flame codes and the alterations codes (frequency codes that can be transmuted).

So, you are artificial?

Not correct and not per se. Half. Amplifying for the ones that are ready. Working as amplifiers to the ones that are waking up. Helping, assisting. No specific religion. We are found all places, where you need us to point you in a direction you need to amplify and wake up. In trains, amongst other people. Everywhere.