Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Passing the 21st and the Play Outs Outlined

There is a fine line between information which is important to share and information that is seeded so that humanity can manifest it.

I do not know which one this is because as always nothing is black or white.

There is an old rule that the ones that need to be in the know, always get the information beforehand. That still apply. The clans, the factions, the aliens and the military enhanced humans on this planet all know the play outs, the future possible timelines and the probability of these to play out. I know them too but I will not share them because I do not want to amplify any of them; I am trying to create my own probability field of a future systemic revived human race on this planet as we once were. And that work is difficult due to the constant interference and attacks I am under (lately; gargoyles, big dragons, spider manifestation in the kitchen, dark invocations and spells manifesting weird creatures and it just goes on and on).

In this all the factions in the know use semi-aware humans to amplify their preferred timelines and probability fields. And, yes, I do too - this is one of the ways I do it.

We literally live in a chess board reality where humanity are the pawns being either put in place to avoid attacks from other factions, sent forth to provoke a faction or to seed an attack as seen in London. Or the semi-aware humans are just being used to manifest the probability fields by using the planted probability field information promoting and sharing it all over the internet.

The London attack was a minor avian-reptilian clan attack from a younger clan member trying to show off, and all diplomatic efficiency is being played out between the military factions and this clan. It will settle and the London attack will not have major ripple affect in the greater scheme of things. As long as it is one person doing whatever it is always a gone rouge member trying to rise in power or send a message of honorable death done for the other clan members, trying to get into the greater levels of power within the clans and factions and their games.

If there had been prominent persons among the killed, then it would have been a whole other matter.

Well, that is not really what I want to talk about today.

We are facing an interesting time. That is for sure. The play outs of this year for me has been chosen and it entails all from new incoming alien races, reptilian-military-secret service extinction protocol instigated in the 1960´s, fake disclosure, enhanced humans, old dark Byzantine magic involving gargoyles, avian-human races looking like angels (they are leaving btw) and all sorts of entities coming my way to be released from their connection points of this planet.

That is my work this year into which I will attempt the beginning of the freeing of the systemic humans from their imprisonment within either the dark factions, the military or the aliens. I have now traversed through all of the factions here and know their end game and agendas, and from that I can work correctly including the needed communications and meet up in the 4D this entails. And my work will entail an attempt to revive their systemic consciousness in their template.

I don not know what the play outs will be for others. I think that it goes with the level of awareness that you hold and what you will meet in 2017 as a preparation for the "final choosing" in 2018 where the two pillars pull the souls the pillar they belong to. Naturally I am doing all of my work as an attempt to rise the pillar of light back to its hey days and the true function it has, as the main manifestation of the original human seeding project on this planet.

So, my work goes in interesting ways to accomplish this and to rise the pillar I need the old systemic templates holding at least 40% original systemic genetics from the races that took part of the original human project here (Lemuria). And the island where we did this is positioned right outside the coast of Coogee - Bondi in Australia. 

A huge military meet up base is naturally positioned there too in the 4D and from the place, where I am positioned now, I feel the crafts coming in, the new alien races from sub-parallel systems of Orion and other similar places; all new to this reality field.

Whatever used to be the military set up is changing. The old reptilian factions are leavning, and new are coming in (or have been re-engineered as a reptilian-human holding part human, part reptile genetics from dinos and has little to do with the original Dracos since the Dracos hold distorted Lyran-Orion human genetics). I would dare to say that 90% of the information we have got on the internet regarding aliens, MILAB and so forth are in the making of being highly outdated and thus all the seekers thinking they are getting the information are still kept in the dark.

Getting up to speed with the new information demand the ability to remote-view because as the aliens come in, entering our reality field, they change the probability fields and in that new sequences are built into our reality. In Europe this is felt less because of the majority of fixed timelines under the Dark Ones and the military projects unfolding there including the States and the old USSR (we might as well still call it that because that never changed . the inner military control is the same).

But here in Australia the shifts are felt; at least three times a day, all depending on what faction that has the part of the day (morning less negative military plus old human lineages until 2pm, then the Dark Ones take over and at 6pm the military comes back in with the alien connections) and that is because the 4D is much closer to the "normal" reality here. Which, of course, is why normal humans in Australia are mind-controlled and reset every night to ensure that they have no clue what so ever to what is going on.

Every night a sweep goes over the land and resets all humans into oblivion. 

The work here, for now, is to establish some ground rules and for me, and the ones I work with here, to ensure that the old rules of systemic humans and planetary humans are upheld. These are old rules and they all go with diplomatic solutions as in learning to exist side by side and do non-interference. 

For the more warrior types of you this will sound as a boring solution but we have to play by the rules of the old systemic races if we are to at all get any where with the Dark Ones, and in that learning to avoid their snares of contracts and dark magic as well as learning to handle the aliens that are here, being part of the systemic realities and in that are under the systemic councils. It goes with the laws of respect and honor and only if we, ourselves, have regained our sovereignty, i.e. remembering the rules and laws in ourselves and by this can call upon them, can we do this and earn the respect from the factions here.

Until then we are seen as either part of the military extinction project to ensure a future humanity able to enter the 4D and the systemic levels or the Dark Ones, owning the majority of the old templates on this planet. 

So, the freedom fight for us doing this work is to REMEMBER who and what we are. Its not about fighting the aliens or the military, or about knowing all about what they do or do not, their experiments on us, us feeling powerless or angry, or wanting revenge etc. Its is all about us remembering so we, on our own, can call upon the ancient rules and laws by the connection to the councils of the systemic level which we all once were connected to. Then and only then can we truly find solutions to what is going on here on this planet of experiments crossing and transgressing all systemic human laws and rules of the races which came here a long time ago.